Communications Solutions for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Digital phone LDP-9030D
iPECS eMG80 adopts VoIP technologies running in optimized IP/TDM hybrid switching platform. The ability to communicate seamlessly over IP networks delivers advantages over existing hybrid technologies permitting SMBs to access efficiency and productive applications with iPECS eMG80 in a simple and cost-effective manner.

Seamless Expandability for SMBs
You are able to start with just 8-12 users and grow effortlessly to more than 100 ports. It utilizes a multi-cabinet (KSU) architecture that allows four KSU and one expansion KSU to configure a dynamic system. iPECS eMG80 delivers affordable communications solutions to small and growing businesses and expandability to medium size businesses.

Simple Installation & Maintenance
The iPECS eMG80 adopts advanced HTML5 based Web admin, which is an intuitive simple solution to system configuration and maintenance. The web manager install wizard presents the basic installation in a series of simple steps for an easy basic installation in English or other local language.

Rich Features & Applications
The rich feature set spans all the basic features and functions of a modern communications platform such as transfer, caller ID, MOH, etc. and delivers advanced functions including an integrated multi-level auto attendant and voice mail with both mobile and e-mail notification.

Simple Installation & Maintenance
iPECS eMG80 platform includes advanced VoIP technology supporting affordable SIP trunking, on and off-premise mobility, remote connectivity and multi-site networking with minimal cost to overcome geographical boundaries.

Integrated Auto Attendant/Voicemail
The integrated AA/VM application is provided through the Voice Store and Forward (VSF) Gateway incorporated in the KSU main board and includes an application processor, four (4) access channels and 1 hour of storage. Further the MEMU option expands the storage to 16 hours of voice and VVMU option provides and additional 4 channels and 16 hours of storage.

The IP-Attendant is a Windows based PC application that provides a visualization of the attendant functionality to simplify attendant control of features and functions including displays of call, user and system status. The IP-Attendant provides the PC mic and speaker for audio so that a separate desktop phone is not required.

Email Notification
When the system stores a new voice message, it will check the notification settings for your mailbox. If E-mail notification is configured, the system will send you an E-mail notification. If configured, the voice message is attached as a *.wav file.

Centralized Voice Mail
An external Voice Mail may be attached to a system in a network to provide centralized Voice Mail services to the stations of all systems in the network.

Personal Groups
A Personal Group consisting of your master station and group member stations (maximum 32 including your master station) can be configured by the system Administrator. When your master station receives a call, all members also receive the call and when placing a call using the master station number, access and dialing restrictions can be used. Each member can still receive calls to their individual stations.

Web Call Back
The Station User Web portal offers a Web Call Back feature. In the portal, you may be permitted to request the system to establish a telephone call between two telephone numbers. The call is subject to the dialing restrictions of the station number associated with the portal access. A SMDR record is generated with the station number that accessed the portal identified.