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CommPro’s Business Phone Systems Include New Ericsson-LG Products

Here at CommPro, we’ve been working hard to improve and broaden our product list, particularly business phone systems in Calgary. So, what’s new? Our sleek, new Ericsson-LG system is now available for purchase! Check out more information about it below.
The Ericsson ipLDK-60 is a simplified system perfectly designed for small- and medium-sized business use. This system utilizes the new VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) functions and allows for many different types of use – some of them quite advanced.

Ericsson LG LIK System
LIK System
If you're in need of a system with even more features than the ipLDK-60, then the LIK System is just for you. Many different telephone systems may be attached to this system, all with different IP features for all kinds of specific jobs. More interested in a digital phone for this advanced system? We have it at CommPro!

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