CommPro Answers Frequently Asked Questions

I’m locked out of my Nortel mailbox. What can I do?
If you are locked out of your mailbox, there are a few simple solutions you can use to get in. This means you will have to reset your password. In order to do this, there are a couple options, depending on which phone you have. These instructions are for Nortel phones. If you have trouble with these instructions or they don’t work, please contact us.

For a large phone:

  1. Press feature 983. The display will read LOG.
  2. The Login password is based on the extension numbers of your phones. For example, a 2-digit extension number uses 120000 as a login prompt, and a 3-digit extension number uses 1020000. 4 uses 1002000, and so on. Enter whichever of these suits your extension number.
  3. After you have successfully entered and moved onto the next screen, 3 prompts will be displayed: MBOX, AA and OTHR.
  4. Press MBOX (mailbox).
  5. Three more prompts will appear: ADD, DEL and CHNG.
  6. Choose CHNG.
  7. The display will then show MBOX.
  8. You will then enter your personal mailbox number.
  9. The display will then show Password and there will be a reset choice. Choose this reset.
  10. This will cause your Mailbox to return to the default password (0000).
  11. Use this password to enter your mailbox the next time, and it will force you to change the password. Please be sure that this password is an easy one to remember, but not so easy that others may access your PERSONAL mailbox.

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